2019 Out for Undergrad Essay Questions

The 2019 application requires 4 short essay responses (limited to 1-2 paragraphs): 2 general and 2 conference-specific.

General questions

1. Why do you want to attend an O4U conference?

Some prompts to get you thinking: How would attending O4U make a difference in helping you achieve your professional or personal goals? What do you hope to gain from the speakers, professionals, recruiters and your fellow attendees? What can you contribute to the event?

2. What is an interest or passion of yours?

Some prompts to get you thinking (for illustrative purposes): What are you most excited about on the weekends? What unique interest of yours sets you apart from your friends? What side projects or activities make you happiest?

O4U Business questions

1. Through your actions, words, or ideas, how do you empower (or hope to empower) others to be their authentic selves?

2. Pick a business (existing or your idea) that you believe has a successful strategy and explain why.

Examples can include large corporations, small businesses, non-profits etc - get creative!