2017 Out for Undergrad Essay Questions

The 2017 application requires 6 short essay responses (with an 999-character count maximum each): 4 general and 2 conference-specific. 

General questions 

1. What do you hope to get out of attending an Out for Undergrad conference? 

2. What can you contribute to an Out for Undergrad Conference?

3. Tell us about a time that you acted as an ally to another person, or about a time someone else acted as an ally to you.  What did you learn from the experience?

4. What unique interest of yours sets you apart?

O4U Business Questions

1. If you were given $100,000 dollars, what would you do with that money?

2. Why do you want to work in business (consulting, financing, professional services, etc.) and how do you think you would make an impact?

O4U Engineering QUESTIONS

1. You've been hired at a company that wants to solve a major engineering challenge. As the project lead, choose a challenge to resolve and discuss any obstacles you may encounter and what techniques you would use to complete the task. Be creative!

2. What excites you when you envision the future of engineering 50+ years from now? Use this as an opportunity to make a statement about the future of the engineering field you’re most interested in, whether that may be mechanical, biomedical, electrical, software, civil engineering etc.


1. What is your favorite marketing campaign of the past year, and why?

2. Which of the below specialties would you most like to pursue? Please select and respond to the one you're most drawn to:

  • Social Media: With new social platforms and technologies emerging every day, what trend in social media marketing most excites you?
  • Creative: With the ever expanding landscape of media types and content, what excites you the most about how brands can creatively execute a message across various platforms?
  • Brand marketing: More brands are getting involved in the human and social rights space, supporting various causes from female empowerment to LGBTQ+ equality. What is your stance on how and when it is appropriate and authentic for a brand to take a stance on a social issue?
  • Data & Analytics: Knowing that data continues to be a significant driver for marketing decisions, what excites you most about the continual datafication across all media types? What concerns do you have?


1. Describe an exciting technology, tool, or platform you've worked with in the past or wish to work with in the future. What excites you about it and why? For example: your favorite sub-field of computer science, open-source project, IDE, API, machine learning, the Android development platform, even just for-loops, etc. These can be technologies that you've encountered working on a side-project, within your classes, or just something you look forward to learning about! 

2. What is a technology you are excited to see advance? For example: Machine learning applications with social media, the future application of drones, incorporation of driver-less cars by Uber/Waymo, etc. Feel free to use TechCrunch, ReCode, Tech Insider, or The New York Times to inspire you!

The Application can be accessed here.