2018 Out for Undergrad Essay Questions

The 2018 application requires 4 short essay responses (limited to 1-2 paragraphs): 2 general and 2 conference-specific.

General questions

1. Why do you want to attend an O4U conference?

Some prompts to get you thinking: How would attending O4U make a difference in helping you achieve your professional or personal goals? What do you hope to gain from the speakers, professionals, recruiters and your fellow attendees? What can you contribute to the event?

2. What is an interest or passion of yours?

Some prompts to get you thinking (for illustrative purposes): What are you most excited about on the weekends? What unique interest of yours sets you apart from your friends? What side projects or activities make you happiest?


O4U Business Questions

1. If you received $100K, what would you do with that money?

For example: Invest, build a business, travel, buy something, fund a new venture, etc.

2. What about business excites you, and how do you hope to make an impact in the business community?


O4U Engineering Questions

1. What about business excites you, and how do you hope to make an impact in the business community?

Examples could include breaking down social barriers, promoting diversity and inclusion, or championing better disability accommodations in your field. Elaborate on one topic and discuss your unique experiences or views to create a compelling response.

2. As a future leader in engineering, what is one change you would suggest to improve the field overall?

Some areas you might want to consider: diversity and inclusion in engineering, engineering education, the interaction between academia and industry, government funding of engineering research, the direction of technology, or something else about the field that you feel strongly about. How have your experiences impacted your suggestion?



1. What is your favorite or least favorite marketing campaign of the past year, and why?

For example: What was the campaign's target audience, approach to collecting data, and impact on consumers? Do you think it was successful in accomplishing its goals? Was it focused on brand recognition or driving specific action? How would you improve it?

2. What brand inspires you?

For example: Why do you think this brand’s marketing is effective? Has this brand had a personal impact on you? What is this brand doing to stay relevant? What separates this brand from its competitors?



1. What is a technology that you're excited to see advance this year? Where do you see it 10 years from now?

2. If there was one thing in tech you would change, what would it be?


The Application can be accessed here.